Social Doctrine of the Church Courses

The Centesimus Annus – Pro Pontifice Foundation promotes the dissemination of Christian Social Doctrine knowledge in the global society.

To pursue this goal, the Foundation organizes Courses on the Social Doctrine of the Church addressed to public and private executives, professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, religious and others, with the primary objective of training them in the SDC’s principles and actions. Through the course the Foundation aims to form a community of thinking and cohesive people that can also influence the areas that the Foundation itself is aimed at.

The new edition, reviewed in content and methodology, will start in 2019. Il will be provided in Italian language.

It includes seven modules, three of which residential and four online, designed as training paths oriented to Integral Human Development and Solidarity.

We will focus on three levels of learning:

– academic, made of contents, texts of the magisterium, articles and volumes of study;

– experiential, in which everyone can personalize the content through laboratory work, sharing in groups, meetings, papers;

– sapiential, in which, through the most spiritual part of the SDC, everyone will be able to discern and act on the change in their behavior.

At the end of the course a Certificate of Participation will be delivered.

Course program SDC 2019

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