Observatoire de la Finance

Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize 6th edition

The Observatoire de la Finance, a non-profit foundation, has been working since 1996 on the relationship between the ethos of the financial activities and its impact on society. The Observatoire aims to raise awareness in the financial sector of the need to pursue the common good by striving to conciliate the good of persons, of organisations and of the community. The Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize – Formerly Ethics in Finance, Robin Cosgrove Prize – promotes greater awareness among young people throughout the world of the benefits of strengthening ethical approaches in all aspects of finance. The vision of the Prize contributes to strengthening the foundations and good quality management of banking and finance based on trust and integrity, especially in emerging markets. The Prize has a global vision, applicable throughout the world. The mission of the Prize is to stimulate innovative ideas for promoting ethics and integrity in the finance sector. The Prize reaches out to young people familiar with the banking, finance and investment sectors, with special attention to emerging markets, to attract innovative ideas, proposals and projects which could be promoted to major players in the business community. The aim is to strengthen the sustainability of ethics in banking and finance and to reinforce its implementation, especially in emerging markets throughout the world. Launched in 2006 and now in its 6th Edition, the global competition for the Prize for Innovative Ideas for Ethics & Trust in Finance is open to young people, aged 35 years or younger, from throughout the world. The competition invites creative papers, which may be submitted in English or French, setting out analyses or proposals for innovative ways to promote ethics & trust in finance. The Jury allocates the prize money of USD 20,000 among the winners. The Prize has won recognition from the International Monetary Fund [IMF], which co-hosted the award ceremony for the 5th edition of the global Ethics in Finance Prize. The Ceremony took place at the IMF headquarters in Washington, USA, at a special event on the 21st September 2015. Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund congratulated the Prize laureates. For more information about the Award Ceremony 2015, see http://www.obsfin.ch/ethics-in-finance-robin-cosgrove-prize-award-ceremony/

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