Webinar 20 gennaio

Dear members and friends,

Today we would like to draw the attention of all interested members and friends of our Foundation to a webinar of the Görres Society and invite you to it.

We are therefore forwarding the following to you:

On Thursday, January 20th at 7:30 p.m., Professor Dr. Nils Goldschmidt on the topic “The renaissance of the social market economy in the ecological age”.

A detailed description of the planned webinar can be found on the homepage, https://www.goerres-gesellschaft.de/gesellschaft/nachrichten/meldung/8-webinar-der-goerres-gesellschaft-prof-dr-nils-goldschmidt-zu-die-renaissance-der-sozialen-marktwirtschaft-im-oekologischen-zeitalter.html

As described in the article on our homepage, registrations can be made by sending an email to verwaltung@goerres-gesellschaft.de