14 Gennaio 2019: Incontro con l’Arcivescovo Carlo J. Scicluna

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to thank those of you who have confirmed their attendance.

Periodically we meet with the Archbishop to keep him informed of the work of the Foundation in Malta.

We have selected a some themes for discussion during our meeting. These themes are derived from the Archbishop’s homilies during the celebrations for Independence Day and Republic Day.

Main theme of “Kingdom of judgement and service” with a special focus on:

Solidarity (wider inequality gap, the acceleration of social problems)
Inter-generational thinking (is youth prepared for politics/policy making with a genuine appreciation of the common good?)
Interdependence (including respect for “nature”(environment/culture/traditions) besides economic growth)

Also Pope Francis’ Day of Peace address (1st January 2019) on “Good Politics is as the Service of Peace”. (See  attached)


Mark De Micoli