Capp Malta – Report 2012 e Programmi per il 2013

Dear Colleagues

I would like to wish you all and your families a blessed Christmas and a New Year full of hope and fulfilment.

I am sharing with you our programme for the first part of the year.

“Encounter with students reading their MA in Business Ethics” – 6th February 2013 at 17.30 hours at MISCO

A meeting is being held between CAPPF members and the final year students of the MA in Business Ethics at Misco on the 6th February 2013 at 17.30 hours. Lecturers in the course are also being invited. The purpose of this meeting is to encourage dialogue with these students who are at the moment writing their thesis. This occasion will also serve as an opportunity to discuss ethics issues that society is being confronted with at the moment now that we are getting close to the general elections in Malta.

Meeting with Bishop Mgr Charles Scicluna

We are arranging a meeting with Mgr Charles Scicluna in January of February. I will inform you on the date as soon as this confirmed by the Bishop.

Lenten Talk – 15th March 2013 at 19.00 hours at the Annunciation Chapel in Balzan

We will be holding our Lenten Talk this year on Friday 15th March at the Annunciation Chapel in Three Churches street, Balzan at 19.00 hours. Rev. Father Joe Galea Curmi will be delivering the Talk “Living Faith in public life”. More on this later.

Higher Education Awards in Ethics and Business Leadership

The course leading to a Higher Education Award in Ethics and Business Leadership is “work-in-progress” and we will inform everyone on its launch in the first quarter of 2013.

CAPPF International Convention and 20th Anniversary – 23-25 May 2013 in Rome/The Vatican

Those of you who are interested in joining us are kindly reminded that they have to be paying members of CAPPF.

CAPPF Malta – Annual Report 2012

I am also attaching the list of activities we held during 2012. This report will be presented to CAPPF in Rome, to the Archbishop of Malta and the Nuncio.

Can those of you who intend to participate in the “Encounter” meeting kindly inform me in due time?

I send my very best wishes for Christmas to you and your families!


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