CAPPF MALTA – Annual Report 2010

Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation – CAPPF MALTA

Annual Report 2010

The Foundation of religion and worship “Centesimus Annus – Pro Pontifice” is based in the State of Vatican City and governed by the Church’s Canon Law and the Civil Law of the State of Vatican City, as well as by its By-Laws.

Article 3 of the By-Laws, having stated that the Foundation’s specific purpose is to collaborate towards the diffusion of human, ethical, social and Christian values, which are described in particular in the Encyclical “Centesimus Annus”, indicates the following goals:

  • promoting informed knowledge of the social teachings of the Church and of the activity of the Holy See among qualified and socially motivated business and professional leaders;
  • promoting initiatives aimed at expanding the Church’s effective role in all sectors of contemporary society;
  • promoting fund raising activities to help support the activity of the Apostolic See.

A Malta Chapter of the Foundation was set up in November 2008. Since then it has attracted 14 members who meet regularly and who organize various activities. Rev. Father Joe Gale Curmi is the Spiritual Director of the CAPPF Malta. The Chapter collaborates on the ideas formation and also activities with the Pastoral Formation Institute. Rev. Father Mark Sultana attends regularly our meetings and events.

In November 2008, the President, the Vice President and the Director General of CAPFF visited Malta and they held meetings with the Archbishop, the Nuncio and the prospective members of the Malta Chapter.

Mr. Joseph F.X. Zahra was appointed a Council Member of the Foundation in February 2009.

Events held during 2010:

CAPPF Malta decided to have “Ethics in Society” as its theme for 2010.

In February 2010, CAPFF Members organized an event in Gozo which was attended by Bishop Mario Grech to present a paper on “Gozo a socio-economic dimension in the light of the Church’s Catholic Teaching.”

In May 2010, a delegation of 12 members attended the Annual Convention of CAPFF in Rome, and a member of CAPPF Malta addressed the Pope on issues related to the economic crisis and ethics during a private audience with His Holiness.

In May 2010, Mgr Caputo, the Nuncio hosted a seminar at the Seminary and the Nunciature on “Business Ethics” addressed by Dr. Edward Warrington. The event was followed by the celebration of the Holy Mass, and a light dinner at the Nunciature.

CAPPF members held a meeting with the President of the Republic of Malta, Dr. George Abela on the 7th July 2010 during which he was informed on the objectives and role of CAPPF Malta.

CAPPF is collaborating with the Pastoral Formation Institute in championing a post-graduate degree in Business Ethics at the University of Malta which will be launched in October 2010.

A follow up seminar on the “Encyclical Caritas in Veritate and its relevance to Gozo’s social and economic development” was scheduled for the 15th November but it had to be postponed as it coincided with the passing away of Bishop Emeritus Nikol Cauchi. This seminar is being organized by CAPPF Malta in collaboration with the Gozo Business Chamber and the Gozo Tourism Association. The Seminar has now been postponed to the 19th January 2011.

On the 6th December Rev. Father Joe Galea Curmi and Rev. Father Mark Sultana concelebrated Holy Mass at the Chapel of San Anton Palace which was very kindly opened for us by the President of the Republic. Dinner followed at “Etienne’s” in Attard.

CAPPF Members held two “planning” meetings during the year in January and July.

CAPPF has decided to have the “Family and Enterprise” as its theme for 2011.