CAPPF Malta: Responsible Consumption Workshop for School Children

Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to let you know that this week we delivered 2 separate workshops
on responsible consumption to Grade 10 (13 to 14 year-old) students at San
Anton School.

The school is a private Catholic school, here in Malta.

The presentation was done by Mr Mario Galea and myself.

It was approximately one hour long, and it was well received by the
students.  We gave them a brief introduction to Fairtrade, the shortcomings
of child labour, and the importance of respecting the environment during the
production process, and during transportation. In addition we demonstrated
how we are all connected to each other and the importance of showing
solidarity when purchasing products.
We also explained to students how by voting with their euro, they can
support organizations that do business ethically.

Attached please find the presentation as a reference. For most of the
workshop we encouraged the students to speak up and react to our questions
or the videos we showed them.

I was pleased in particular with the outcome of today’s session. I felt that
at least 90% of the students understood our message and were committed to
pay a premium for products that were produced by ethical companies or for
fairtrade products. I felt great satisfaction after much work and planning
these past 18 months off and on.

Mark DeMicoli

Scarica presentazione

Co-ordinators Committee