Meeting 26 marzo 2011

Dear Reverends and Colleagues

I am attaching an excellent presentation made by Mark Demicoli (a young gentleman who studied management in the USA and who is now Operations Director with his father’s architect’s studio – DeMicoli & Associates).

Mark gave us the following context within which this presentation was made as follows:

“please find the most recent version of the PowerPoint presentation that was used during the workshop that Marcel and I presented at the Teaching to Transform conference held a week ago.

To give you some context and background on this workshop, we were presenting to teachers who already had a good understanding of Church teaching.In the limited time we had I wanted to give them deeper insights into the encyclical and to also offer them some encouragement. We had some good discussions exploring the 3 Case Studies used to put the theory into practice. I focused on the cardinal virtues, especially, courage, to bring out the teaching principles of the encyclical.

Hope this is helpful for you.”

Marcel Cassar was also a speaker during this workshop. I am attaching his presentation as well. Marcel has introduced me to Mark, and I am now introducing Mark to you all.

Very warmest regards

Joe Zahra (FCAPP Malta)

Michael Cassar presentation

Mark de Micoli presentation