Planning Meeting – FCAPP Attività Malta gennaio – luglio 2015


We had a highly participative and well attended meeting last Tuesday 27th January to plan our activities for the first half of the year. These are our conclusions:

1.      Meetings with Apostolic Nuncio and Bishop Scicluna. We will be asking for an appointment for our annual meeting with these dignitaries. Dates will be announced as soon as we get confirmation. The more of you who will attend the better.

2.      “One Hour of Reflection” – two such meetings will be held between now and June. The dates being: 16th April and the 15th June. More details later. However I suggest that you pencil these dates and time ( 6pm till 7pm) on your diaries.

3.      Seminar on the publication of CAPPF of statement on “A Reformed Market Economy: Entrepreneurship for Human Development”. More details will be provided as soon as this statement is published in February 2015.

Besides this we remind all members of our Group of the seminar on “Spirituality and Business”, programme being attached, to be held on the 20th and 21st March for CAPPF members with spouses ONLY and their friends. This will be our spiritual exercises event for Lent this year. We need your confirmation of attendance as soon as possible, by the 9th February.

The International Conference this year is being held in Rome between the 25 and 27th May 2015. All CAPPF members would have received the programme. This year the theme is “Rethinking Key Features of Economic and Social Life”. I suggest that you will make your reservations as soon as you are officially informed by CAPPF Vatican.

In preparation for this Conference, the Malta Group has been invited to submit a presentation on the topic “ The Future of Employment and the Informal Economy”. Sue Vella has been invited to give some initial thought about this and we will then organise a two hour workshop amongst members to discuss and decide on the main points in our paper presentation. Dates will be provided later.

At this point, the more urgent feedback I need from you relates to the “Spirituality and Business” seminar. Your  confirmation please by the 9th February.

I thank all of you who contributed to the preparation of this programme and I look forward to another eventual year.

Joseph F.X. Zahra

(FCAPP Malta Local Coordinator)

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