Planning Meeting


I thank all those who attended our Planning Meeting yesterday.  This is a summary of our conclusions:

Progress is being registered in the planning of the Ethics and Business Leadership course which is being co-ordinated with the Pastoral Formation Institute. Mark Demicoli described the idea behind this project and his views on methodology. It was agreed that a nominal fee will be charged for this certification course, which fees will go for a charitable objective. (Can we give these as a donation to the Pope through Centesimus Annus?) issues

Monthly meetings will be held with prominent persons on moral/ethical issues that are in the news. For example, the whistle-blowing and the civil unions legislation. Topics and names of speakers are welcome.

Mgr Celli, international counsellor of the Foundation will be invited to Malta to lead a retreat for members later this year or early next year.

Monthly or bi-monthly meetings to be held with a purely spiritual purpose – one hour of reflection. ( Joe to speak to Fr Joe).

The End of Year Mass – date and venue still to be decided. Any suggestions on venue please?

Josef Bonnici has been invited by the Foundation to take part on a Panel during an international consultation on “The Debt Crisis, Financial reform and the Common Good” to be held in Rome between the 27th and 28th September 2013.

Other suggestions from members are welcome.

Best wishes

Joe Zahra (FCAPP Malta)