2021 Catholic Social Teaching Certification Course: 24 – 29 ottobre 2021


I’d like to personally invite you to consider experiencing the power of our faith through attending this year’s Catholic Social Teaching Certification Course.
Being certified in Catholic Social Teaching gives you the foundation to confidently address many of the major societal issues of our time.

Here are the major topics covered:
• Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching (CST)
• The Three Cornerstone Principles of CST- Human Dignity, Solidarity, Subsidiarity
• History of CST
• CST & Culture
• CST & the Developing World
• CST & Free Market Economy
• CST & Democracy, and the Role of the State
• CST & the Family
• Consumerism & Alienation, the Developed World’s Main Dysfunctions

You will enjoy a retreat-like experience with a small cohort of engaged Catholics seeking to further their understanding and application of CST.
Early Bird discount available!


Fred Fakharzadeh
President of CAPP-USA