2010 Year in Review


The Board of Directors of Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice, Inc. met on December 7, 2010 at which time Dr. Fakharzadeh was elected a Director. The activities of CAPP-USA during 2010 were reviewed.  Highlights of the year included:

–          Memorandum Concerning Relationship of FCAPP and CAPP-USA(see attached)

–          Implementation of a the new, joint FCAPP/CAPP-USA application

–          The campaign to have all, current CAPP-USA members become members of the Fonadazione

–          An updated website for CAPP-USA

–          Work with regard to branding and use of social media

–          Efforts at the formation of the CAPP Council (Scientific Committee)

–          A column for the Fairfield County Catholic on Catholic Social Teaching

–          At the invitation of the ordinary, a day long presentation to the professional staff of the Diocese of Richmond

–          Cardinal Cordes’ address to the priests and deacons of Connecticut followed by a general audience presentation that evening

–          Two papers: onea complete overview of CST (as included in the introductory block of the CUA/CAPP Catholic Social Teaching Certificate Program); the other analyzes key elements/contributions of Pope Benedict’s Caritas in Veritate

–          Numerous chapter programs (communion breakfasts, talks, etc.) especially the CAPP-FC Educator’s Breakfast at Sacred Heart University, headlined by Cardinal Wuerl and CAPP-NK’s with Bishop DiMarzzio (Brooklyn Diocese)

–          Another very successful collaboration with The Catholic University of America, which included partiiaption by a priest from Africa

–          Attainment of ‘integrated auxiliary of the Roman Catholic Church’ IRS status

The Board also:


–          Agreed that a procedure be developed for program name-association with other organizations and presented to the Board for approval

–          Suggested that the Catholic Press Association be approached regarding syndication of a CAPP Column on CST

–          Suggested that CAPP consider targeting small dioceses around the country. Bishop Lori suggested a letter be prepared which will go to all U.S. bishops advising them of CAPP’s availability to assist them in formation activities/training/education around Catholic Social Teaching

–          Agreed we redouble our efforts to make spirituality an integral part of the activities of the organization, approving a “Spiritualty Initiative”, led by the Diocesan Ecclesiastical Counselors and Dr. Karen Wright and reporting to Bishop Lori.

–          Approved seeking 18-25 major donors nationally, all of whom will be asked to serve on the board and to take an active interest in at least one of our major initiatives

–          Agreed a list of 19 other initiatives to be prioritized by the Lay Board.