Centesimus Annus gruppo UK – Riunione del 21 giugno

Dear all,

As previously indicated, our next meeting will be held on 21st June, at the usual time (1800-1930hrs)

Zoom link is given in the calendar invite you will have received.

Russell Sparkes will be our speaker.

Preparatory readings in attachment

Our theme will be :

Session 7 : The NHS, healthcare, welfare and Catholic Social Teaching

Topics to be addressed:

  • Does Catholic social teachingadvocate for universal access to health-care as a fundamental human right?
  • Ought the State to be the health-care provider of first resort ? Is the NHS the kind of welfare / health-care system that Catholic Social Teaching would advocate?
  • What has Catholic Social Teaching to say on matters of public health and welfare?

Russell Sparkes bio

Russell Sparkes has a long-standing interest in the origins of Catholic Social Teaching, Cardinal Manning, and the Distributists of the 1920s such as G.K Chesterton who sought to promote it. He is the author of numerous publications including: G.K. Chesterton, Prophet of Orthodoxy, (1996), Self-Help and the Voluntary Sector – what we can learn from the guilds (2010),  and Cardinal Manning and the birth of Catholic Social Teaching (2012).

He is a Visiting Fellow at St Mary’s, and is part of the team teaching Catholic Social Teaching.  He is currently writing a paper on Catholic Social Teaching and Healthcare, and carrying out research on how the Church’s social doctrine might inform an investment ethic. His family worship at Our Lady Queen of Peace church in London SW14, where he is a member of the Finance Committee. He is also a Trustee of the Plater Trust.