Save the date – Riunioni giugno e luglio

Dear all

Thank you to Catherine for leading a stimulating discussion on a Catholic vision of education last night.

There is still so much to say on this subject, and I would urge you to read one of the preparatory readings we sent around, namely, the Pius XI Encyclical on the subject, Divini Illius Magistri,  if you did not already get a chance to do so.

One of the central tenets of the Centesimus Annus pro Pontifice Foundation’s mission is to encourage the dissemination of magisterial texts relating to Catholic Social Thought.

Therefore, it is good for us to discover and to ‘wrestle’ with primary sources wherever we can.

Just a reminder to ‘save the date’ for our next meetings, which we will host on :

7th June – Dr Adrian Pabst on the political upheavals arising from or accelerated by the pandemic, and their likely ramifications

21st June – Russell Sparkes on the public health response to Covid and what CST has got to say about matters of public health

5th July – Archbishop Wilson and Fr Ivano Millico on a spiritual response to the pandemic

More information on each session, complete with speaker bios, topics to be addressed and preparatory readings, will be sent around in the coming days.

5th July will be our final session before the summer recess. We will reconvene in September.

I thought it would be nice to cap the year with a reflection from our Ecclesiastical Counsellor, Archbishop Wilson, on the spiritual consequences (and opportunities) arising from the pandemic, as well as on the challenges it presents for parishes and the Church more generally. I have also asked Fr Ivano Millico to present his latest book, Seeing the Pandemic with Eyes of Faith, a spiritual reflection on the pandemic, as seen through the lens of a selection of saints, who struggled with various difficulties in their own lives (including disease and pandemics).

Fr Millico’s book is already a CTS bestseller, despite only having been published a few weeks ago. It is one of the best (and most hopeful) commentaries I have seen on the pandemic, and its spiritual significance. It is available for order here below, and well worth the read ! I read it in 90 minutes, in one sitting. It is very well-written.

Best wishes,

Jean Pierre Casey