Gert Jan Boon, Francisco Martínez Delgado

What is YIN CAPP?

The Young International Network (YIN) of FCAPP aims to develop a group of committed Catholic young people and
members of FCAPP to support FCAPP in achieving its aims to further the knowledge of the social doctrine and
charitable works of the Holy Father by:

  1. Acting as a voice for CAPP;
  2. Promoting membership of young people of CAPP and attendance of its conferences;
  3. Provide an enviroment to study Catholic Social Doctrine and take part in discussions within FCAPP.

How to become a member?

All FCAPP members of up to 35 years can join YIN. You should be interested in the Catholic Social Doctrine (CSD) and
committed to be involved in the activities of YIN. For more information on FCAPP Membership, click here.

Benefits of YIN

Tailored activities will be organised to strenghten the network and study CSD. As member of YIN a reduced membership fee and conference fee applies.

Membership fee

1st year Membership: EUR 100 per year
2nd year Membership: EUR 150 per year
3rd year Membership: EUR 200 per year

International Conference Fees

Instead the ordinary fee of EUR 350, for YIN members the fee will be EUR 100.

YIN Walks along River Tiber with Laudato Si’ Community. 4 giugno 2023

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YIN Contribution to 2020 International Conference

Scarica documento “Tech at work”

Scarica documento ” Human Artificial Intelligence”

YIN Contribution to 2019 International Conference

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YIN Contribution to 2018 International Conference

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