FCAPP Paris Activities

10th April 2018: meeting of Chairman Sugranyes with the Paris CAPP group of Members and Sympathizers.

20th January 2019: meeting of Chairman Sugranyes and Secretary General Tiliacos with the CAPP Paris group of Members and Sympathizers. The debate was directed by Robert Leblanc and by the Ecclesiastical Counsellor Msgr de Romanet who intervened with authority and spiritual depth.

The Paris group sees the participation of entrepreneurs, managers and officials of different ages, there is also some young entrepreneurs. Leblanc has organized three sub-groups that work independently. Once a month, a general meeting is scheduled to exchange progress.

The coordinators of the 3 subgroups presented the status of their work for a change of direction as indicated in the Laudato Sì:


  1. Debate on the causes of inequality and practical actions “to live together” in a more reconciled society
  2. Money: how you earn, how you spend, how you give, how you invest
  3. Mankind and companies at the time of new forms of work. The enterprise and the “sanctity”: how do we promote an ethical rebirth from within?