2019-2021 COURSES

The edition, reviewed in content and methodology, started in 2019. It is provided in Italian language.

The method consists of three levels of learning:

  1. the academic one, made of contents, texts of the magisterium, selected CST studies and in-depth volumes;
  2. an experiential level that helps to personalize the content through laboratory work, group sharing, short papers to be developed at the end of each meeting and a final thesis;
  3. a sapiential level in which, through the most spiritual part that nourishes the SDC, everyone can discern and act on the change of their behavior

The meetings include seven modules, three of which are residential and four online, designed as training paths oriented towards Human Integral Development and Solidarity.

The structure of the three residential appointments in Rome takes place from Saturday morning to Sunday at 1.00 pm and is based in the Istituto Maria SS. Bambina in front of the Vatican.

The moments scheduled for Saturday are organized as follows:

  1. A spiritual study
  2. Development of the SDC theme with a speaker
  3. Shared lunch
  4. The testimony of a member of the Foundation
  5. Group work
  6. The celebration of the Eucharist

Sunday moments include:

  1. A lectio divina
  2. A deepening of a specific theme of social morality or an encyclical of the SDC
  3. The prayer of the Pope’s Angelus
  4. Final sharing and delivery of the bibliography

The course is biennial, at the end of the course both the delivery of a paper summarizing the learning and the experience and a certificate of attendance signed by the President of the Foundation are provided.

The dates foreseen for the three residential modules are: December 14th -15th; March 7th – 8th; May 9th – 10th.
The dates for the four online lessons are: January 14th; February 11th; March 31st; April 28th.

The scientific director of the course is Fr. Francesco Occhetta S.J., Jesuit, writer of the magazine La Civiltà Cattolica.