Art. 17 of the By-Laws reads: “Membership shall be granted to individuals or corporate entities who share the Foundation’s goals, pledge to cooperate to their achievement as per Art. 3 and pay an annual contribution”.

CAPP primarily targets businessmen and professionals who embrace the principles expounded in the Social Doctrine of the Church and papal pronouncements and wish to actively contribute to the creation of a new economic and social culture implementing the guidelines offered by the Encyclicals “Centesimus Annus”, “Caritas in Veritate” and “Laudato Si’”.

Cooperating with the Holy Father’s evangelizing mission businessmen and professionals can breathe a new spirit into their job and find new incentives to their activity.CAPP pays special attention to the spiritual formation of members, which is provided by spiritual assistants nominated by CAPP’s Board and appointed by the Episcopal Conference of each country.Through ad hoc events and both periodical and occasional meetings members are helped achieve the goals mentioned above.

The Foundation, incorporated in the State of Vatican City, is open to the entire world and accordingly targets European and non European businessmen and professionals.In becoming members they will contribute to the creation of a new social culture in a globalized world.

Ideally new Members should have already taken, or pledge to take, a course in SDC. For this purpose, the Foundation organizes Courses in the Social Doctrine of the Church (see the section of the website dedicated to Courses) and maintains contacts with institutions that organize similar courses in other countries.

The tax deductibility of the donations made to the Foundation was obtained for Italian, Spanish and German members.